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In every family there are stories that last a lifetime and are often shared around the table with the next generation. I have noticed in my own family that the best stories are the wedding stories; the ones that induce big belly laughs and warnings to the kids and cousins of lessons learned.

In the case of my Thunder Bay-born aunt, her wedding was set for December 30th 1982 and transportation was not on her side. The day the bridesmaids picked up their dresses, the brakes froze on their car. On the morning of the Big Day, the Southern Ontario attendants failed to plug in their cars overnight resulting in battery failure. To top it all off, the Father of the Groom generously offered the keys to a relative that was actually meant for the bridesmaids, leaving them stranded at the church. Through all of this, my aunt – the bride – insisted on waiting until every attendant had found transportation so as not to leave anyone behind.

I am also the third generation in my family to enter the wedding industry and have valued the wisdom and experience of their stories. My grandfather was a photographer for over 30 years in the Niagara region. A popular background for photos was a nearby horticultural centre. As he lined up the bride and groom, attendants and family the sprinklers went off, soaking everyone just as they were about to say “cheese!”.

These are the stories from my family and I’m sure you have your own. It’s no wonder everyone becomes a fountain of advice during your engagement. It is my goal to work with you and your partner to plan your Big Day so that if something does happen, you can trust that I have the right team on place, come what may.